Fleet Graphics

At Chrissy’s Custom Sign Company of Centerville, many of the service provisions that we offer are intended to be used for static building locations, but we’re also able to provide high quality fleet graphics as well – and you might be surprised to find out just how effective and affordable this can be for your commercial operation. We can create fleet vehicle graphics of every type, and for any kind of vehicle that you’re looking to have advertising placed on. Studies have clearly demonstrated the excellent value of these additions to commercial vehicles, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re making a great investment. If you think this might be right for you, begin by talking to our customer service team today. Of course, if you’re still weighing things up, just read the information listed below.

Round the Clock Promotion

One of the significant advantages of fleet graphics is that you’re going to gain 24 hour promotion for your business. During the daytime, when your vehicles are out and about in public, people will see the graphics and come to recognize the business. Even outside your hours of operation, the commercial graphics will still be visible in public spaces where your car or truck is parked. This kind of constant exposure across a broad range of geographical space means you’re getting much further reach than with any other kind of standard or custom sign solution.

Brand Brilliance

Vehicles that have any graphics on them are instantly recognizable, and do an excellent job of standing out from the crowd. The fact is, when plainly-painted cars are in a group together, they tend to blend in with one another – if there is a vehicle with graphics imprinted on it, it really separates itself from the herd in an effective way. This will likely make your brand very memorable for people in the local area. We advise our customers to really place their faith in brand recognition – it’s a principal way of elevating the reach and value of your commercial venture. This is an excellent way of helping you to get to the next level.

Return on Investment

With some marketing methods, it’s not always clear whether they’re having the intended effect and are positively impacting your business as expected – but with fleet graphics that isn’t the case. Studies have shown that fleet wraps are considered in a positive light by more than 95% of consumers, and that a vehicle in a mid-sized urban area can create tens of thousands of visual impressions with people in a single day. That kind of positive exposure is simply staggering, and beyond any other physical marketing technique. Considering the modest expenditure, you’re getting a great return on investment.

Gaining Leads

With fleet graphics, you can make sure that you have plenty of information to promote your business printed. Many people make the choice to list their phone number or company website on their fleet graphics, giving potential customers a way of easily reaching them if they’re interested in your products or services. Given the expansive exposure you’ll be getting, you’re sure to gain plenty of strong leads.